Dear Friends,
from 20 April 2018 Gold Print Service is with new name - Deluxe Print !
Because of my personal problems and the big delay with completing the orders, we made changes to the company's staff and grew up with thr staff to offer a much faster and better service. If your e-mail is answered by someone else, please do not stress, I am always in the background and up to date with the orders.

We can now offer you: 
* The same good quality ( and a little bit better ) 
* Competitive prices
* Printing and handling time up to 15 working days ( after finished design and confirmed order with payment )

We are QSL printing & Advertising Company and we are team of ambitious people. 
We are doing a lot of other jobs, not only QSL printing, please take a look at our web site which is still under construction, but you can aways send us E-mail with your request : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.